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Grave PHP bug segfaults drupal sites

I just hit a grave bug, while performance testing a customers drupal site - the apache segfaulted each and every time, after a few 100 requests at the most. The setup had long been plagued by random segmentation faults / complaints about canary problems from suhosin, which wasn't reproducible (or we hadn't spent the time to try), but this time it died consistently.

New linuxpusher.com site

Ever since I redid Linuxpusher.dk (as it were - not it's .com) in oscommerce, I've sorely missed some CMS functionality and I only switched because the shop part of the CMS systems I had found were sorely lacking in this, primary part.

I finally found a system that, while not perfect, was good enough to be a considerable improvement to the functionality of the linuxpusher.com site, and also I finally found the time to do it.

Among the new features are:

Designing proper taxes support in a webshop

I've been working on creating a new website for my webshop www.linuxpusher.com, using Drupal 6, Ubercart D2 and 100+ modules (the drupal way :)

I've fixed several bugs in modules along the way (and ofcourse sent fixes upstream - even got to be co-maintainer of a module, so that I could release a new version with  my fixes, and have added other fixes as I needed them :) and especially working with uc_discounts_alt have exposed me to an issue the current taxes support cannot handle.

EU VAT and Drupal+Ubercart 2

I finally got some time to start working on a new homepage for linuxpusher.com and choose to use Drupal and Ubercart (among two shop-modules for drupal) for this job.

I need to be able to sell items without VAT to none-EU citizens, and the builtin taxes support didn't handle this, and the uc_vat module that improves upon the built-in support, didn't do the job either.

I have just fixed the code, with some tips from the author of uc_vat (longwave) so we were sure as how it should be done, so I hope he'll accept my code as an improvement for uc_vat.

Want a fully free video display solution for your Drupal 6 site?

I already have a fully free (as in GPL) video display solution for my Drupal 5 site - http://virkpaanettet.dk using flowplayer

I wanted to create a drupal 6 version, but until now the modules I use have not been ready for Drupal 6.

Disable rss feed in Drupal 5

I've been wanting to disable the "automatic" rss feed for a while.

Yesterday I found an elegant solution, which simply adds a checkbox (under rss settings) which enables/disables the feed. This way, you don't have to edit your drupal theme or overwrite anything in your theme's template.php. It not only removes the link - it also removes the feed icon in the address bar.