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Crash chrome :)

 Today I found a sure-fire way to crash Google chrome (and probably chromium as well).

Try viewing this in Chrome:

The trick is to put a large file (f.ex. 3,8MB ) as the icon file.. :)

Want a small media capable computer with a large disk capacity?

I wanted to setup a new setup, for a new version of mythtv (0.24), since I wasn't allowed to mess with the existing setup (family would kill me if I left it unworking at any stage :)

I tried to find a computer with an Nvidia ION-2 chipset  and room for a 3½" disk - as I wanted this new setup to work as both backend and frontend.

Endelig muligt at indsamle til donationer i DK?

Jeg har længe, gerne villet kunne indsamle donationer på den ene eller anden måde, så mine kunder i Linuxpusher enten automatisk (eller ved at tilvælge det) kunne støtte deres favorit distribution økonomisk.

Desværre fik jeg et rungende nej fra Skattefar på mit ansøgning om et bindende svar for nogle år siden - der ville skulle svares personskat af alle donationer - før jeg kunne sende dem af sted :(

Derfor kan man idag, kun støtte distributionerne økonomisk, via Linuxpusher, ved at købe nogle af de varer (f.ex. Ubuntu's officielle CD osv.)som vi køber derfra.

Test ssh keys script - using expect instead

I had a problem with my previous script - often ssh-add would hang -executing echo continuously - which was marked as defunct :(

I figure I'd rewrite it in expect - to also make the script runnable outside of cron - and that proved a little bit challenging - but I got it solved, and figured I'd share it:

Do you test your users ssh-keys for empty passphrases?

Using ssh-keys for access to servers can be very nice as one can use ssh-agent to temporarily store the unencrypted key - and thus work all day - without continuously entering your password for the key - and you can easily decide (using authorized_keys file on the server) which keys gets to login as which users - and what commands they may execute.

But - it's my experience that many (developers f.ex.) find a need to have an empty passphrase for their key - a bad thing to do - if you want a bit of security :)

aptitude bug in specific version handling

Aptitude has an annoying bug, which will probably never be fixed upstream :( - but aptitude is the only tool that supports downgrading of package versions (with correct --force options) none-interactively (as done by f.ex. puppet).

If you want to install a package in a specific version (f.ex. for releasing site code in a specific version) - like this:

expect: send many commands to routers and such

A neat script I pieced together - to send many commands (f.ex. deletion of objects etc.) to a box (using ssh) - input from a file (remember to atleast use a proper random name for the file etc. :)

Grave PHP bug segfaults drupal sites

I just hit a grave bug, while performance testing a customers drupal site - the apache segfaulted each and every time, after a few 100 requests at the most. The setup had long been plagued by random segmentation faults / complaints about canary problems from suhosin, which wasn't reproducible (or we hadn't spent the time to try), but this time it died consistently.

New site

Ever since I redid (as it were - not it's .com) in oscommerce, I've sorely missed some CMS functionality and I only switched because the shop part of the CMS systems I had found were sorely lacking in this, primary part.

I finally found a system that, while not perfect, was good enough to be a considerable improvement to the functionality of the site, and also I finally found the time to do it.

Among the new features are:

EU VAT and Drupal+Ubercart 2

I finally got some time to start working on a new homepage for and choose to use Drupal and Ubercart (among two shop-modules for drupal) for this job.

I need to be able to sell items without VAT to none-EU citizens, and the builtin taxes support didn't handle this, and the uc_vat module that improves upon the built-in support, didn't do the job either.

I have just fixed the code, with some tips from the author of uc_vat (longwave) so we were sure as how it should be done, so I hope he'll accept my code as an improvement for uc_vat.