Check HP proliant IML logs

I found a check on monitoringexchange which checked for log entries in the IML (with the insight manager installed and snmp enabled), but it didn't check for the actual state of the log entry - so you got warnings on everything - even lines which had been marked as repaired or which were only informational - and it only went in to CRITICAL - if the text contained the text "Error".

I found this rather defective so I rewrote the script, after I found the correct oid's to look in.

It now only alerts you if the HP IML gives the entry a status other than Informational or repaired (which is what it gets if you mark it as such).

1 comments on Check HP proliant IML logs

  1. klavs
    Sat, 12/12/2009 - 23:15

    Now monitoringexchange actually has the file also :)

    And I renamed the project - as I realized I had named it the same as the original from which the script derived (of which there's little left :)