Dell Open Manage (omsa) - auto setup via puppet

Dell's OpenManage is a pain to install manually. Luckily someone provides deb files,  but even when using them, there's a lot of "details" - also some depending on if you're using 64bit arch or not.

I decided to write a module to automaticly install of the the OMSA software on Debian Lenny (should work on Ubuntu - and could easily be extended to CentOS and others). I choose to include a few pam-files from 32bit Lenny - as there's no 32bit package for 64bit arch's and omsa needs them to auth you against pam.

It enables a service listening on 1311 - where you can login to omsa, and enables snmpd to talk to omsa, so you can use nagios plugins for omsa and check Dell hardware (fans, disks etc.).

I was just asked to share, on #puppet - so I figured I'd do so here as well.

You can find it here:

The other modules there (kernelmodule, raidmon) are needed and the raidcontroller.rb fact is also needed (find it in the factsync module).

All improvements are welcome.

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