Disable rss feed in Drupal 5

I've been wanting to disable the "automatic" rss feed for a while.

Yesterday I found an elegant solution, which simply adds a checkbox (under rss settings) which enables/disables the feed. This way, you don't have to edit your drupal theme or overwrite anything in your theme's template.php. It not only removes the link - it also removes the feed icon in the address bar.

I've attached a patch to this blog, which is applied by standing in the root of your drupal 5 installation (it's a patch against 5.10 but should apply to older versions as well) and write (on a unix/linux system): patch -p1 <d5-disable-rss-feed.patch

d5-disable-rss-feed.patch1.22 KB

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  1. Anonymous
    Tue, 09/15/2009 - 20:45
    Den sad jeg også og var pææænt irriteret over og skulle til at gå i gang med at hacke systemet, men det behøvs ik nu, very nice! :-)
    Hilsen Kim Emax