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Ever since I redid (as it were - not it's .com) in oscommerce, I've sorely missed some CMS functionality and I only switched because the shop part of the CMS systems I had found were sorely lacking in this, primary part.

I finally found a system that, while not perfect, was good enough to be a considerable improvement to the functionality of the site, and also I finally found the time to do it.

Among the new features are:

  • Proper CMS
    Drupal is a real CMS (oscommerce isn't even trying to be one) - so I can now much better fit in all the (hopefully) helpful information and help articles and all the other none-products I'd like people to find. Over the years I've gotten a steady stream of emails from people asking of all kinds of things, regarding Linux, which I've all tried to answer. On the old site I had tried to make the most often asked questions available on the website, but on the new site, there's now an entire section for it - and it should be much easier to categorize and find the help you need.
  • Flexible discounts system
    I can now do lots of stuff, like selecting a group of items, and put f.ex. a 15% discount on any combination of these - with a total of f.ex. 3 items from the group.
  • voting system and much more

The new is now based on Drupal 6, with (among 100+ modules) UberCart 2.x as the shopping module. I like the layout possibilities (you gotta love panels and views :) - but unfortunately performance is currently sorely lacking - a page request usually takes between 700ms (right after apache restart) and 2 seconds :(

I've installed the uc_ajax_cart module, and am expect to get it fully cacheable by varnish - so only the checkout part needs to be served by the backend - thus "solving" the performance issue :)

I've worked long and hard on the new site, but there's still a LOT of things I'd like to improve, and new ideas to implement.

I hope you'll have a look at the site, and if you have ideas for improvement, pls. add a comment.

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