Want a fully free video display solution for your Drupal 6 site?

I already have a fully free (as in GPL) video display solution for my Drupal 5 site - http://virkpaanettet.dk using flowplayer

I wanted to create a drupal 6 version, but until now the modules I use have not been ready for Drupal 6.

In regards to video, I use the drupal video module for my current site. But the module is moving at a very slow pace (some might call it abandoned - I'm not quite sure :) - so I looked around for other modules which could work for this purpose and was ready for Drupal 6 and found the flashvideo module

Only thing that bothered me, was that it only states that the players known to work with it, are two priprietary ones (jw and dash flash player).

It turns out that making flowplayer work with it was dead simple.

Simply make sure you have your flashplayer.swf and flashplayer.controls.swf (or flashplayer-3.0.3.swf and flashplayer.controls-3.0.3.swf) in the correct folder - as described in the installation guide for the flashvideo module (the output folder).

tell flashvideo module to use flashplayer.swf (or flashplayer-3.0.3.swf) - whatever you choose.

Then in the flashplayer flashvar setting you set:

This works for v3.0.x.


1 comments on Want a fully free video display solution for your Drupal 6 site?

  1. ltwinner1 (not verified)
    Wed, 07/22/2009 - 17:01

    Hi mate, Im using flowplayer with flashvideo aswell. However when I enter [video: autostart=false] in the Body tag of my node, it doesn't work and the video automatically starts playing when I visit the node. None of the [video] variables work for me, width, height, allowfullscreen, etc.... Do you have this issue yourself or do they work for you?