Want a small media capable computer with a large disk capacity?

I wanted to setup a new setup, for a new version of mythtv (0.24), since I wasn't allowed to mess with the existing setup (family would kill me if I left it unworking at any stage :)

I tried to find a computer with an Nvidia ION-2 chipset  and room for a 3½" disk - as I wanted this new setup to work as both backend and frontend.

It seems ION2 is the only chipset on small embedded computers, that mythtv supports well enough for HD-tv in MPEG4 format (as distributed in Denmark f.ex.) to actually work (and yes I don't like the proprietary Nvidia drivers - and I will try Nouveau at some point - but until Mythtv implements support for other graphic cards - it's a mythtv with nvidia and HD-tv or no HD tv situation :(

I could only find 1 computer (yes only 1) which had both ION2 chipset AND room for a 3½" disk - the asus S1-AT5NM10E.

I got this computer november 2010, but the machine didn't work with the memory included and the memory that should work with the machine (according to asus QVL (verified memory) list, didn't work at all :(  (I dispise QVL - what a horrible idea to force the bios to verify the memory is approved before even trying to use it).

It turns out, the BIOS version shipped on the computer is an OLD version - and according to the QVL list on the included manual - only 1 memory module (yes 1!) is at all supported. This memory module was not available for purchase in denmark, but the sellers support actually found a place to purchase it:

http://www.asusparts.eu/index.php?cPath=163571_66920_97343_170469_170470... (the module is called: Memory DDR3 1333 SO-DIM 2Gb 204P HMT325S6BFR8C-H9 44NM (04G001618A27PM )

I ordered this memory module (very expensive compared to memory prices normally - but I was desperate) and after receiving it (4 weeks later) - and reordering the Asus machine, it turns out that this memory module actually works with the machine.

I've read that some have upgraded the BIOS and this made the modules mentioned in newer QVL lists (some of which can be bought in DK at less than half the price for this module) - so I'll probably try that out sometime.

I've now gotten the machine setup with mythtv and a 2TB disk - it works pretty well, although I can't seem to get fan control working :( - it's fairly silent, I wouldn't have it in a bed room though - as the fans runs constantly - but my wife doesn't notice it, when running in the drawer below the living room tv :)

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